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 Not issues per se, but reasons to investigate the Libertarian Party

Whether you are voting today, waiting for your state convention, or still trying to decide what to do, we’re here to help. In honor of the 15 different groups of voters trying to figure out what to do today, here are…

1. The Libertarian Party is the only anti-war party.

You cannot count on Democrats to end the wars — they have been every bit to blame as the Republicans. While in the midst of trying to impeach President Trump, a bi-partisan Congress approved a military budget of over $700 billion. Neither old party has any intention to ease up or end our military interactions. If you are ready for anAmerica at Peace, it’s time to vote Libertarian.

2. The Libertarian Party is the only party committed to eliminating the national debt.

Republicans have long been considered the anti-debt party, but that can only be laughed at now. After eight years of calling out President Obama’s reckless spending and increased deficits, they have been silent and/or outright supportive of Trump’s explosive spending that has taken our national debt from $19 trillion to$23 trillionin three years. If an annual deficit of $1 trillion dollars is unacceptable to you, your best move is to vote Libertarian.

3. The only way to stop more government overreach is to vote for the Libertarian Party.

Increased taxation for “free” college is promised by the Democrats; tariffs (which are taxes) and bailouts are executed by Republicans. Both old parties are inching or running toward single-payer healthcare, more gun control and granting the executive branch more and more power. The only choice for those who care about personal and economic liberty, separate from the boot of big government, is the Libertarian party.

4. The only way to send a message to the ruling old parties is to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

Once again, the only alternative party that will be on every ballot in the 2020 general election is the Libertarian Party. A vote for Trump sends the message that nothing needs to change. A vote for any of the Democratic candidates likely to get the nomination is a message that nothing they do needs to change either. We currently have more people choosing not to vote for anyone than to pick one of the options the Rs or Ds serve up, and that does nothing to wake up these power-hungry politicians. If your hope is to see better candidates coming from any party, the only way to send that message is to scare those who rule over us by voting Libertarian.

5. Libertarian policies benefit everyone, and they get adopted the more voters show support for such things.

It seems hard to believe that the Democratic party was officiallystill against same-sex marriage less than a decade ago. The Libertarian Party has supported equal rights (and removing the government from marriage) since its founding in 1971. Both parties arestillwaffling on if people who chose to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes should go to prison. Many states have changed their laws, while federally some lawmakers are looking to add vaping as a crime. The Libertarian party has supported individual liberty (and no victim, no crime) since its founding in 1971. The liberty movement does affect the public view of issues and eventually leads to better policies. If you want to see more Libertarian policies adopted by old party representatives, you show them that by voting Libertarian.

6.You don’t want to have to spend the next four years explaining why the dumpster fire you supported was not as bad as the dumpster fire someone else supported.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still attaching your name to something evil. It sucks. Don’t do it. Vote Libertarian.

7. Because you “Support the Troops”.

Democrats and Republicans both like to act like they are moral patriots who value nothing more than the brave men and women who serve their county. Truth is, they are lying. If they really cared about the troops, they would never flippantly start a new war, they wouldn’t refuse to do their job to vote on military action, and they would certainly spend much more time talking about the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide. War is a failure on every level, and we fail our service men and women once they return home. Do you support the troops, really? So does the Libertarian Party.

8. Consistent Principles only exist in the Libertarian Party.

We already mentioned the Democrats’ evolution on rights for gay people only when it became politically beneficial to them. Republicans say they support your Second Amendment rights, until Trump says we need to limit that a bit. Both old parties jump around on which personal decisions they will allow and which they will criminalize. In their histories, the ruling parties have changed their principles drastically. The Libertarian Party platform has held consistent values of individual liberty since it was first written in 1971. Do you want to know that the party you support is going to hold to the values you supported them for? Your party is the Libertarian Party.

9. The Libertarian Party supports ending harmful election laws and opening up the ballot for other parties too.

Perhaps you feel that another party best represents your views, but they do not have ballot access. Republicans and Democrats write the very laws that keep alternative parties off the ballot orusing all of their resources to get on the ballot. Libertarians believe the duopoly has to be defeated if we will ever see real and meaningful changes in this country. A vote for the Libertarian candidate is a vote for allowing more candidates and more parties of future ballots, and an end to the ruling parties ability to force you to choose between two terrible candidates.

10. The Libertarian Party is the most welcoming to immigrants and refugees.

If you believe children should never, ever be separated from their parents and held in government custody for crossing a political border, you can be sure that the Libertarian Party agrees with you. Democrats and Republicans will continue to argue over miniscule changes - the Libertarian Party will end this insane and dysfunction humanitarian crisis by legalizing the free movement of peaceful people.

11. Because you do not want to live in a {insert religion here} theocracy.

Libertarians believe that everyone should be able to hold faith and religion as important or irrelevant to their life as each chooses and that the government should never propose policies or laws based on the support or opposition of any religion.

12. To get money out of politics.

It’s funny how often you hear Democrats talk about getting money out of politics, while they promise to pay for college, healthcare, retirement, childcare, and on and on. That is every bit “money in politics” as corporations and lobbyists writing huge checks. Libertarians want to return the executive branch to the limits our Founders intended — that means removing the authority to make such false promises, either to special interest groups or the general public.

13. You support Free Speech — for everyone.

Both old parties will talk about their commitment to the First Amendment, but in practice, both have proven willingness to limit free speech that they do not appreciate or agree with. Libertarians believe that if you don’t support free speech for everyone then you don’t support free speech.

14. Reject Nationalism and Socialism with one vote.

There are two broken ideologies threatening liberty in our nation today, and they are coming from both major parties. Reject the inhumanities we know come from these authoritarian philosophies, and support liberty instead.

15.Libertarians do not seek power - they seek a world set free.

Republicans and Democrats continue to fight over which one best knows how you should live your life. Libertarians know that they best thing for individual humans is to be free to live their life without the approval of any political party.

Can you think of anymore? No matter which one of these reasons rings the truest for you, remember that when you go to vote. Even if you are not voting today, you can still cast a vote for liberty, fiscal responsibility, human rights, and integrity by supporting the party of principle. We are proud and honored to be the voice for freedom in America today.

Three Issues of concern

My three main issues are Social Security, Income Tax, and Health care.

It is clear that Federal government has done little but exacerbate the problems these programs are experiencing. 

I will continue to research possible free market, non government solutions to these as we seek to decrease government overreach and power. What the government gives it can also take away, as we've seen from the threats of cutting Medicare and Social Security.

Although many sources say Medicare has better control of costs than private insurance, Medicare has the advantage of being funded by every working person years before it comes into use; and it doesn't depend on marketing to sell itself. 


more to come..

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The Myths of the New Deal

We can see parallels between the New Deal of the Great Depression, and the current situation.  There's increasing thought that FDR's expansion of government actually extended the Depression and started the cycle of overreaching government and dependency.


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Justice for all?

Do laws unfairly target certain populations? It seems pretty clear that they do. 

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Q&A asked by Brazos County Libertarian Party

How did you become libertarian?

I read Harry Browne's book "Why Government Doesn't Work" years ago.

It was so informative, sensible, and practical that I couldn't believe everyone didn't want to be a Libertarian.

At that time, there were few, if any Libertarian people in my area and of course this was before the proliferation of social media.

I was a life long Republican, so stayed with that until a few years ago. Getting acquainted with Ron Paul helped tip me more to the Libertarian side of politics. When my husband and I saw that we couldn't sway the Republican party towards being more for small government, we decided to commit to being Libertarian. I was appointed the County chair of Navarro county . With my husband as co-chair, we have stayed active trying to spread the word.

Why run for office?

Because Neal DIkeman asked me to. LOL

Truly never thought about it til then. But I want to make sure that Libertarians have a presence and that people know we're here and fighting for their liberty, even if they aren't ready to vote for us. Someone will hear the message and take it home with them. They may not want to vote for a Libertarian President yet, but may decide to support a down ballot candidate. Every step toward smaller government and more freedom is an important one.

What are the issues in the campaign?

My issues of concern are Social Security, Health Care, and the Federal Income Tax.

What the government gives, it can take away. Medicare and Social Security seem to be under threat much of the time. Privatizing Social security and/or making it a voluntary program would be a start. Medicare is such a complex issue and the main thing available to older people who pay in for years; so it's not a program that will easily be changed. Whenever possible, free market solutions and getting government out of healthcare as much as possible is the goal. Encouraging businesses to offer monetary incentives and packages to employees who can use it to buy their own insurance would be one option. This would save employers money as well as giving employees more choice in the coverage they buy. A person who loses their job shouldn't have to pay the huge premiums from COBRA, or lose their coverage. Taxing a person's income.. more or less carving money out of their one of the most reprehensible taxes there is and must be done away with.

What do you want to accomplish in office?

To be a voice for liberty minded people. To help spread the word of liberty and small government.

I would anticipate looking at most spending bills with caution, and an intent to vote 'no' on them. Of course I realize that we have to work with the tools we're given and the people around us. My philosophy is what you can with what you have, while working toward your goal to decrease or eliminate government spending and power.

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The loss of Judge Ginsberg

Whether one liked or disliked Justice Ginsberg, she had a long, distinguished, and bold career.


I will neither canonize nor vilify this lady; However  I have mad respect for her accomplishments in a time where women weren't prominent in public office. 


RIP, Justice Ginsberg.  You have earned your rest. 


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The most recent episode of Grumpy Old Men, vs Dr Jo Jorgensen

If only there HAD been the Grumpy Old Men vs Dr Jorgensen with her in the actual debate! 

I watched her video broadcast done with an editor from Reason Magazine prior and during the Trump/Biden debate.

Her class, intelligence and calm demeanor were a huge contrast to the bickering of the two men on stage; one the leader of the "Free" world, and one who hopes to be.  


Dr Jorgensen laid out specific plans dealing with issues from the Libertarian perspective, including  decriminalizing illegal drugs, pardoning people for victimless crimes, and cutting military spending as well as foreign aid.

Further details can be found at

If there was ever a time to abandon the two party rule and vote third party, this is the time.

If not now, when? 

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My response to a science questionaire

Have filled out several questionaires; this is the latest one.


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Friedman on Crony Capitalism in the OIl Industry

Highley recommend reading this. Very informative piece on how cronyism has added to the prices consumers pay.

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Intimidation and harrassment are not acceptable

Even if it started as a prank that went south, bullying and intimidation is NEVER acceptable. I am ashamed for the people who did this, and for the lack of condemnation by Republican leadership.
I am no fan of Biden or Harris, but they should be free to campaign wherever they see fit.

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