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Justice for all?

In my own experience, the negative images of minorities have been conjured up primarily by the media. That's no surprise, as successful, happy people are generally not considered as newsworthy as  discontent and unrest.   The political tools of picturing all people of a certain race or gender as being disadvantaged, poor, unable to make it in the world without government assistance, etc is one too often spread around.  While there are poor and disadvantaged people across all the human experience, let's not fall prey to the false imagery that serves too many political and societal agendas.  

However, we can't ignore the injustices of certain laws which were put in place that unfairly target certain populations. That is something we CAN do something about, by putting a stop to jailing people for victimless activities. I won't say 'crimes' because too many of these things shouldn't be considered in that light. Possession and use of drugs, nonpayment of fines, driving an unregistered vehicle, doing hair or nails without a license, doing or paying for sex work (presuming no coercion or force)  are just a few.  These types of laws seem to adversely affect the people who can least afford the legal consequences of breaking them. Yet, who is really harmed by these activities? 

I feel that an approach of liberty and justice that is truly for all is the only one that is both sane and humane.  Repeal of unnecessary laws, a restructuring of the fine system (maybe donations of useful items, community service, assisting seniors with home care,  etc in place of monetary fines) and a look at licensing laws and what purpose they serve would be a start.  


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