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Meet Melanie


I am a Libertarian running for US House of Representatives for Congressional District 6 in Texas, covering Ellis, Navarro, and southeast Tarrant County. 

I am 58 years old and work as an RN case manager, and have worked in nursing for 30 years.

Political views are libertarian/conservative.

My political experience thus far:

Twice an alternate/delegate to the Texas Republican state conventions, 2010 and 2012

Delegate to the Libertarian National Convention in 2018

Delegate to the Texas Libertarian state convention in 2018 and 2020

Elected chair to of the Libertarian Party of Navarro County in 2018 and 2020


I left the Republican Party after seeing little difference in the growth of government power and spending between the Republicans and Democrats.

My interest in running for Congress is a desire to help support the growth of the liberty movement as promoted by the Libertarian Party both in Texas and the US.

It's my hope to introduce more people to the concept of small government and personal freedom. 

My goal is to promote a message of liberty and promote more choices in electing our representatives.

 For too long the Duopoly of the Democrat and Republican Parties have maintained control and worked together to suppress alternate party candidates. 

I encourage people to ask themselves these questions:

Do you feel that the Democrat and Republican parties truly represent all the people?

Do you really want to continue being ruled by the main two parties?  

Is voting for someone you dislike for fear the other person will win something you feel good about?

Is tolerating the intolerable because they have the right party affiliation a trend that we want to continue?

Do we the people want to continue ignoring the waste of tax dollars and the rising national debt?

Do we want to keep defending the power of government agencies to tread on the rights of citizens with little to no accountability?

Do we really want to expand the government and add trillions more to the debt, burdening future generations before they're even born?

If your answer to any of these questions is 'no', then check out the Libertarian Party.

We are the party of Principle.

We believe people have a right to choose how they want to live as long as they don't harm others.

We believe in the Non Aggression Principle.

We believe that free markets and voluntary works are more effective than government programs which are too often cumbersome, costly, and over-regulated.

We are dedicated to decreasing the size and scope of government in peoples' lives.

Check out the Libertarian Party of the United States:


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