Nepal is not like everyone else

Nepal is not like everyone else

The flag of Nepal is the only flag in the world that does not have a rectangular shape, but is composed of two triangles.
Despite the relatively small area (140.8 thousand km²), in Nepal, you can walk in one track through all climatic zones: from the hot tropics to glaciers.
Namasteee is a special word in Nepal. Just like that, with a lingering “e” at the end and folded palms, it acquires its true essence. In the full sense it means “The Divine in me welcomes and unites with the Divine in you”. In the life of Nepalese, it is used as a greeting and goodbye, as a request and expression of gratitude, as a wish for a good day and good mood.
In Nepal there are living real goddesses Kumari – these are girls who have been selected according to 32 parameters, and until they come of age they live in a palace, fulfilling their divine duties.
Nepal is probably the only country in the world where Buddhism and Hinduism coexist. Adherents of both religions go to the same temples, often even pray to the same gods.
In most cases, truck and bus drivers do not have car insurance, because they are “protected” by a children’s slipper suspended from the bumper or a bunch of hot peppers with lime. In addition, many cars have drawn eyes to better see the road.
There are no railways in Nepal at all. All public flights are operated only by buses, which usually carry all luggage on the roof. And often the passengers themselves, if everyone does not fit into the cabin.
Traditional Nepal dishes are mo-mo (similar to our dumplings or dumplings) and dal bat (rice, lentil soup, and fried vegetables or meat). Serving dalbat can be endless, as rice will be added to your plate until you are completely full and do not give up the next addition.
Even the time difference in GMT does not differ by an equal number of hours, but by 5 hours and 45 minutes. Especially to show their independence from India.
In addition, Nepal lives according to its own calendar, which is 56 years, 8 months and 15 days ahead of the worldwide accepted Gregorian. If you want to be in the future – go to Nepal, there is now 2076!
And all newborns are immediately recorded at the age of 1 year in order to confuse the evil spirits that encroach on babies.
Machapuchare (or Fishtail) is a sacred peak where God Shiva lives, and where people are forbidden to climb. Despite the fact that the main income of the country is made by tourists and climbers, you will not be allowed to reach this peak even for all the money in the world.
Thamel is a cultural, historical and tourist center in Kathmandu. It is here that there are hundreds of basement factories for sewing tourist equipment of the most famous world brands, which can be bought quite inexpensively and get ready for the track practically from scratch. (Link to article on buying equipment at KTM).
Everyone finds something special in Nepal. It is difficult to understand what exactly he is catching with, but the fact that no one is indifferent is for sure. This is evidenced by the admiring reviews of our participants, as well as the fact that many of them, having visited this mountainous country once, return there again and again.